The Christian Epidemic
6/12/2008 | Author: RCW
Today I read an outstanding article on one of my favorite sites: . Actually, it was on "Parchment and Pen" -the theology blog that serves as part of Reclaiming the Mind's ministry. It is a must read. Just click on the title of this blog and you will be taken there.

My own thoughts are less important than your own thoughts about the posting, but I'll give you my own impressions anyway since this is a true blog and I suppose part of the rules are that on blogs you are always entitled to post your opinions even if nobody agrees, reads, or even cares. :)

The blog truly touches on my own passions and particular calling in ministry. I find myself extremely preoccupied with the subject of education in the church because of the information that is so greatly articulated in Michael Patton's posting. If you still haven't figured out how to get to that posting, just click here, silly.

I am torn meanwhile between whether to expend my own energies, work, ministry (even my very life itself!)

  1. ministering in the church..doing Christian education in an effort to correct this problem
  2. teaching in the academic world of a college, seminary, or university (I have learned to love God with all my mind and am passionate about education and learning and teaching, etc. for His glory)...and ultimately impacting future ministers in a way that might correct this problem
  3. Writing (a way of bridging both of the above audiences) thoughtful books, articles, (and blogs!) in such a way to correct this epedemic via Michael Patton's solution: quality Christian education.
  4. Starting a Christian non-profit/ seminary / think-tank / publication / etc. to attempt to meet this problem with solutions
I could not agree more with Parchment and Pen that the problem with Christianity that leads to such an epidemic (among several other epidemic ailments it currently struggles with) is a lack of genuine discipleship and a general atrophy of God-glorifying intellect within church members. I echo Rachel Tulloch, a speaking team member of RZIM's team as she has stated her desires: "A desire to bridge the gap between 'knowledge without compassion' and 'passion without content.'

Agree? Disagree? Want to add something? Let me hear you.

So I'm a Christian...Now What?
6/10/2008 | Author: RCW
The purpose of this blog is simple. Real, Biblical, Living, Breathing, Discipleship.

In all my years around the church, there are so very many people who fill the seats (pews depending on how old your church is!), and often may have had a conversion experience of some sort in which they chose to accept Christ as their Savior for the forgiveness of their sins unto eternal life....yada yada yada.

Yet somehow, these individuals have been the victim of the church's malpractice. They never really had a place to go, a resource to turn to that could help them know "What's Next?" So, inevitably the conversion experience becomes cloudy, the faith becomes stagnant, and the spirit dry.

This site aims to be of some help by providing answers to the "Now What?" question. So, whether you are a new believer and looking to grow, or whether you've been walking with Christ for some time now and simply cannot figure out HOW to grow, this is the place for you. It is our prayer that you will find direction, encouragement, and most importantly...the presence of Christ amidst this very site.

May God bless you on our journey together.


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