A Long Overdue Update
10/15/2013 | Author: RCW
Hey Readers,

I have had some email messages from folks encouraging me to get back into the swing of writing on here.  Here's the deal:

1) My current job seems much more important and its demands have made the thought of writing seem like a joke of a priority...especially considering a few other things:

2) That so few people comment on blogs. Seriously.  Think about this.  Even the best blogs in cyberspace can struggle to muster comments.  The number of people who read a blog post seems to far outweigh the number of comments.  For someone on the fence about making time to write; a lack of comments really isn't a good motivator.  Just sayin'.  I read a lot of blogs and articles and I can count on one hand how many times I've actually commented.

3) That the blogosphere seems to have changed as I see it.  The best bloggers have gotten better.  They either do it full time for income, share the writing load with multiple people, or utilize ghost writers.  Let's face it...for those of us in the ministry world who haven't delegated EVERYTHING away to someone else, there's a ton of work to be done constantly.  I marvel sometimes at the proficiency with which certain people can be pastoring or serving in a significant ministry role (or four) and yet are doing 12 other things with excellence.  It's fairly obvious and known that many individuals within the Christian world are fine letting other people do their work for them and then taking the credit. Secretaries, interns, students, underlings, and ghost-writers make certain folks look very busy.  Some prominent pastors have people write their sermons for them, convert their sermons to books or bible studies, check their emails, answer their phone calls, wipe their...er, nevermind.  But unless I could bring myself to do some of those things ethically, and if I felt good about manipulating people, or if I thought it appropriate to use my administrative assistant to help me do stuff not directly related to my role and the church, maybe I'd write more.  Know what I mean?  That ain't me.  I'm still a purist in this regard.

4) I have found several ways to personally disciple multiple individuals from a long distance away.  Being that one of the major reasons I started this blog was to assist with the discipleship of several people who happened to live far from me, I have found an increasing number of exciting and robust resources with lots of dedicated workers sustaining them that can accomplish the same purpose.

5) And finally, I just really find Twitter a lot more effective.  Twitter is micro-blogging.  A while back, I was doing some thinking.  I thought, "Man....Does anyone actually blog anymore?  Ever since I started using Twitter, blogging seems so ancient.  Let's face it...With increasingly limited time, I don't care to read a blog nearly as much as I would a Tweet.  That said, I've been on Twitter for the last year and a half or so and have found it to be quicker for me and for readers.  I can say what I need to say and get to the point so much faster.  People don't have to comment or reply, they can just favorite or retweet with one click.

So...what I am saying is that for right now, I am utilizing Twitter RATHER than this blog.  For now anyway.  Something could change, but that's the way it stands right now.   

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