Reading and Christian Discipleship
2/08/2011 | Author: RCW
In my last entry, I shared that this year I hope to blog more frequently than I did last year…but I’m still not getting crazy with 1 post per day or anything.  To help me blog more, I have a plan that I believe most of you will appreciate. And it has to do with a time long ago and a land far away...Africa in fact!  It involves 2 cities in particular -- Alexandria and the city formerly known as Hippo -- along with a few of those cities' noteworthy locals.  Curious yet?

To get you started thinking about this subject, let me ask you a question:

           Do you think that it is beneficial to a person’s growth as a Christian to read:

                 A) Christian books and non-Christian books and the Bible

                 B) Just Christian books and the Bible

                 C) Just the Bible


                 D) Reading isn’t important at all in the growth of a Christian

You may choose only one. Why did you answer the way you did?