Journey Home
10/25/2008 | Author: RCW
Tomorrow we'll head back from Missouri to Texas. Flying is a wonderful thing. As I was thinking about the trip, I thought I might blog about one of the Biblical themes that is worth remembering....

The Bible teaches that when someone becomes a Christian, God initiates something within them. It is salvation from death. But when does salvation take place according to the Bible? The answer? Well, the Bible teaches that salvation is something that takes place in the past (when the sinner first faiths in Christ...and that God even foreknew who would be saved from eternity past!). The Bible ALSO teaches that salvation is something that will ultimately take place in the future (either on the day of judgment or when the Christian dies an earthly death). Lastly, (and what is seldom remembered) is that the Bible ALSO teaches that salvation is something taking place right now...that God is in the business of making us perfect. God is making us holy even now. In short, the Bible teaches that salvation is something that is a past, present, and future reality.

As Christians, we should remember that God is still at work within us even when we can't see Him at work. We are all on the "long journey home." Hebrews 11:13-16 speaks of the many Old Testament heroes from the Torah (the first five books of the Hebrew Bible) and says that they looked forward to their heavenly home with earnest expectation. With faith, they recognized that this life is not all there is...that there is a world to come that we are moving toward, waiting for, and to adapt from the words of St. Augustine, that our hearts are restless until we rest in it.

As my wife and I get ready for a long plane ride home, I couldn't help but think of that spiritual reality. That God is preparing His children for a world in which there is no more suffering, no more sorrow, no more pain, no more death! Praise You, Oh God for the victory and the hope that You have given us in You!


P.S. * To enjoy a good read about the Christian life as a journey home to "the promised land" and all the ups, downs, struggles, victories, friends, foes, twists and turns along the straight and narrow way that leads to Christ, I recommend John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress (but make sure you read the updated and abridged version). *
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