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8/31/2009 | Author: RCW
Okay, so one of the best things we do in the Bible Study that I help lead is a Question & Answer session. Members are encouraged to bring a friend, bring some food, and bring a question that can be about the Bible, about Christianity, the Christian life, a certain Bible passage, theology, the church, etc.

A couple of the times we did the Q & A session, I mentioned a few resources that someone might be able to consult if they wanted to "cut the middle man out" so to speak. In other words, if someone wanted to play the Question and Answer game on their own, they could consult these resources (among others). Here those are resources as well.

R.C. Sproul - Now That's A Good Question

Ravi Zacharias - Who Made God? and Questions to Over 100 Other Tough Questions of Faith

Paul Little - Know Why You Believe

This is a wonderful resource that I stumbled onto as a senior in high school. Christian Apologetics Resource Ministry is a tremendous wealth of information on virtually any topic that you could ever confront. World religions, difficult passages, theological questions, etc. I am not saying that I agree with everything you will find there, but you will find that it is extremely helpful. It attempts to be objective and answer questions in ways that are Biblically faithful and theologically sound. Check it out for yourself!

The Theology Program - If you have questions that are of a more theological nature, a great resource is the Theology Program's resources.

Remember, these are just a few user-friendly resources for starters. There are certainly other great ones as well.

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