On Protestant Denominations
9/29/2009 | Author: RCW
Evidently, my last post was a very relevant issue for some people. It has elicited the need for another post on denominations.

For now, an introductory read can be found by my friend Matt Slick of www.carm.org. Just click here to read it.

I also mentioned the Rose Publishing pamphlets. Click here to see a great one on denominations, here to see one on Christianity, cults, and world religions, and here to see one on Christianity, cults, and the occult. They also have one on Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses if you were intrigued by some of those comments. Another great denomination comparison is available here through Ron Rhodes, a man who has published a ton of resources on world religions, cults, and Christianity, etc.

These pamphlets are good starting points. Starting points simply give user-friendly information without a ton of academic discussion. For a somewhat deeper and more researched resource, people could purchase one of H. Wayne House's charts that can be found by clicking here.

Hope this is helpful for now.

Choosing a church is an important decision for any believer. Most new believers choose to attend the church where they became a Christian, the church that they know best or the church of one of their closest Christian friends (perhaps the church of a person who was instrumental in their decision to embrace Christ).

These resources can help make sense out of the host of churches out there....what they have in common and what is markedly different (in theology and practice) about each one. I will likely publish one or two more little tidbits on this subject of denominations.

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