You might have noticed I haven't written for a while.  I could explain all the reasons, but I bet most of the people who read this blog have some idea why it's been a while.  One of the many reasons is that it can be challenging at times to write on a consistent basis.  For example, it's always been comical to me to see how many people (including many pastors) got a blog or a twitter when blogs and twitters were all the rage...and couldn't manage to blog or tweet regularly enough to keep anyone's interest.  It takes work!  Everybody wants to have their own television show, but ask anybody who hosts one and they'll tell you that sometimes it gets pretty draining, monotonous, and challenging.  New material is due almost daily for those shows!  Thank God I have never made any sort of foolish commitment on this site like saying I would post every day, etc.

But while I have not made any sort of formal, stated commitment to post a certain number of entries per year or anything, I have to admit that I was a little dissatisfied with last year's output.  That's why this year I have a little new wrinkle...a new idea for spurring everyone onward in their growth as a follower of Christ.

So what's the new idea?  Stay tuned....You'll see.  And I'm pretty sure you'll really dig it...or at least all the cool peeps will.  :)  

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