Reading and Christian Discipleship
2/08/2011 | Author: RCW
In my last entry, I shared that this year I hope to blog more frequently than I did last year…but I’m still not getting crazy with 1 post per day or anything.  To help me blog more, I have a plan that I believe most of you will appreciate. And it has to do with a time long ago and a land far away...Africa in fact!  It involves 2 cities in particular -- Alexandria and the city formerly known as Hippo -- along with a few of those cities' noteworthy locals.  Curious yet?

To get you started thinking about this subject, let me ask you a question:

           Do you think that it is beneficial to a person’s growth as a Christian to read:

                 A) Christian books and non-Christian books and the Bible

                 B) Just Christian books and the Bible

                 C) Just the Bible


                 D) Reading isn’t important at all in the growth of a Christian

You may choose only one. Why did you answer the way you did?

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On February 8, 2011 at 7:41 PM , Jordan said...

Absolutely A. I have found non-Christian books that have ministered to me tremendously, as well as "Christian" books who...well, probably shouldn't be considered Christian Books. Either way, as long as you are using the Bible as your lense while reading any book, then they can be very instrumental in your walk with Christ. Just my humble opinion though.